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Instructions for ABS Secured Defi Trust – CN

To participate in the ABS DeFi Secured Trust Program You must first be a member of an MT Standard Trust you will need the following in hand.

Your passport or other Government Photo ID.

  • Government ID Card with ID Number and Photograph. (includes Passport, Driver’s License National ID with Photo) for others please contact to conform.
  • Proof of Residence in the form of a Bank Statement, electric or other Utility bill, Letter from the government showing your current address which has been received by mail within the past three months of the date of application.
  • Areceipt sor a Swift Transfer or other payment verification for the Transfer of the funds you intend to place in Trust for the investment in the program.

Once you have the documentation together and the Payment completed,
Proceed to complete the application and investment Direction

Step 1: To apply for your MTStandard Trust

  • fill out the application form,
  • Upload your Photo ID and Proof of residence document
  • Complete the acknowledgements and sign the document
  • Upload your receipt of your Trust Contribution ( Swift or other payment verification ie USDT transfer)
  • Submit the application using dual factor (sms verification)
  • Pay the establishment fee with a credit card on REAP.

Once you have completed the online part of the Trust establishment you will be able to access the ABS Secured Defi Trust

Step 2: Direct the Trustee to place funds in theABS Secured DeFi Trust

  • Fill out and submit the Instruction to the trustee.
  • Complete and submit The Source of funds form.

Once the application and documentation is completed, The trustee will complete the required application review including AMLO and upon completion, forward a confirmation of the transactions and a copy of a Trust Deposit Certificate in favour of the beneficiary.

You can reach Reap Here

When you are ready continue on to registration go to: