Crypto Accelerator Trust

Issued as a Trust Deposit


The Marathon Crypto Accelerator Trust is designed for people holding crypto currency that wish to earn an income from their coins, whilst continuing to hold the coins securely in Trust.

The Crypto Accelerator Trust uses a diversified portfolio of Crypto Staking arrangements to derive interest payments on the coins staked and return this income to the Member’s Trust. Account.

The income derived can be either drawn in from Trust, held in cash or rolled up into the program to increase the compound growth of the holdings.

The Tokens will be held by the Custodian in Trust throughout the course of the program.

Key Parties:

Marathon Corporate Services Limited – Hong Kong

Program Sponsor / Custodian
Alpha Alliances Holding Limited a Canadian Federally Incorporated Company Registered with Fintrack

Staking Manager
HD Finance Global Authorised Agent