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Introducing the Crypto Accelerator Trus

Available exclusively for Trust Deposit

in Trusts with Marathon Corporate Services Limited

The Marathon Crypto Accelerator Trust is designed for people to participate in the DeFi holding crypto currency that wish to earn an income from their coins, whilst continuing to hold the coins securely in a Trust Deposit account.

The Crypto Accelerator Trust uses a diversified portfolio of Crypto Staking arrangements to derive interest payments on the coins staked and return this income to the client’s Trust account. The income derived can be either taken, held in cash or rolled up into the program to increase the compound growth of their holdings. The coins will be held by the Custodian to the credit of the Trustee for Client Trust accounts and will be held in Trust throughout the course of the program.

Key Counter-parties:

Trustee: Marathon Corporate Services Limited – Hong Kong
Sponsor & Custodian: Alpha Alliances Holding Limited -Canada
Staking Manager: HD Finance

Product Highlights

  • Legal and Tax advantages of a Hong Kong Structure
  • Allows holders of Crypto currency to earn a regular income from their coins
  • Client’s coins are held in the Trustee’s secure wallet throughout the term of the program
  • No trading of coins involved
  • Income can be distributed or rolled over to increase capital compound growth
  • Target returns of 60% per annum
Trust Deposit
Trustee: Marathon Corporate Services Limited
Sign up Fee: USD 100
AUA: 2% per annum paid quarterly in advance
Targeted Return: 5% per month
Minimum subscription amount: USD10,000 in Crypto currency
Maximum subscription amount: No maximum Term: 5 years with bi-annual exit option

Structure: Individual Marathon Standard Trust, Estblished for each member
50% of profits on staking allocated to member’s Trust account
50% of profits to cover program expenses and fees to Alpha Alliances Holding Limited
Application: Initially Via the Website with on-line sign-up and AMLO a Phone based app to follow.

DeFi is an 84.5 Billion Dollar (US) Global Industry

As of August 10 2021

The Defi market has grown immensely over the past 2 years with over 1 million new users in 2021 alone.

According to experts at Forbes and Bloomberg: individuals who consistently invest into substantiated early-stage DeFi projects can potentially earn up to $50,000 or $100,000 USD every three months.

Why are you still using paper money and traditional financial products to invest?

We are sure you have at least one friend earning massive returns
through Crypto and DeFi. But how and where do you start?

Start with High-Definition Finance….

Our yield forming program will generate substantial returns using the power of Decentralized Finance on the blockchain.


If 2020 were be viewed as the Year of Decentralized Finance (DeFi), then an honorable mention must be made of the central role that cryptocurrency staking played in the ascent of this new generation of crypto assets.

The industry witnessed a steady rise, and oftentimes a surge, in the number of users staking crypto to earn fixed interest or yield farming rewards, as the number of miners on proof-of-work (POW) block-chains slowly began to dwindle, market-leading Bitcoin excluded of course.

In fact, more than a billion dollars worth of crypto have been staked in Kraken’s platform alone, while Binance, Huobi and other major exchanges also hold enormous amounts of staked crypto. Meanwhile, as of August 10/ 2021 the total market cap of all staking platform tokens is 84.5 billion, as a part of the total locked in staking, meaning there’s also still a significant addressable market.

What Is Crypto Staking?

Staking is an activity where a user locks or holds his funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to participate in maintaining the operations of a proof-of-stake (PoS)-based block-chain system. It is similar to crypto mining in the sense that it helps a network achieve consensus while rewarding users who participate.

In staking, the right to validate transactions is based on how many coins are “locked” inside a wallet. However, just like mining on a POW platform, stakers are incentivized to find a new block or add a transaction on a block-chain. Apart from incentives, PoS blockchain platforms are scalable and have high transaction speeds.

DeFi Staking

Maker (MKR)- The platform allows users to borrow stablecoins against a volatile cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. Its popularity has made it one of the prominent decentralized finance protocols on the Ethereum blockchain (currently number one in total volume locked (TVL) as of January Timeline
2021). Notably, DAI is the primary stablecoin of the network. Therefore, yield farmers deposit DAI which is lent to borrowers, while they receive rewards from the interest charged on loans.

Synthetix (SNX)- Synthetix has a native currency called SNX. As the name suggests, the platform is used in the issuance of synthetic assets, commonly known as Synths. Synths are virtual assets used to represent physical and real assets such as stocks, cryptos, and fiat.

Yearn Finance (YFI)- The protocol came into existence in February 2020 as a DeFi aggregator. Therefore, instead of facilitating lending and borrowing, it distributes deposited funds into platforms with the best yields and lower risk profiles. For instance, it distributes funds between Aave and Compound whenever it finds these two to provide the most rewarding and less risky yields.

Compound (COMP)- Compound enables users to borrow or and lend a small range of cryptocurrencies such as ETH, USD Coin (USDC), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Ethereum (ETH) and DAI. The platform uses lending pools and charges interest on loans. For collateral, the protocol requires borrowers to deposit a given amount of supported coins.

Benefits and Risks of Staking Crypto

From the attractive yields above, it is clear why staking has grown so popular among crypto holders, as it gives them additional income from the crypto sitting in their accounts. Furthermore, with eye-popping hundred percent yields in some protocols, staking has properly cemented its place in the world of crypto. However, before you leap into the world of staking, here are some upsides and potential disadvantages you should considert.

Passive income generation – yields can range from attractive to outright outrageous, it is important to consider your personal risk appetite against potential gains.

Here are some of the risks of staking crypto:
Security Risk including the possibility of hacking/cyber attacks on the protocol or exchange or loss of control of staked Funds, potentially resulting in the loss of staked coins.

Possibility of fall in value of the coin, especially in volatile market conditions. When locked up in the staking period, you are unable to liquidate your holdings when downturn in price happens.

Validator nodes holding your staked tokens may be penalized if 100% uptime in processing transactions Is not upheld or in the event that some of the validations by the validator are dishonoured.

Before hurrying to place stakes, the choice of staking platform is as important as the rewards.

A poor platform selection may cause loss of income or staked coins, perhaps altogether. Having professional management may help to mitigate many of the risks undertaken when individuals engage in staking and farming.

When it comes to new DeFi platforms, it is critical to investigate new protocols and platforms. your management team with HD.Finance can spot the possibility of a rug pull and will take steps mitigate and avoid being caught up in foul play or code vulnerability in a program.

As with any third party investment, it is critical that if you do not understand the information provided you should seek professional advice before making any instruction to place a trust deposit

Licensed Hong Kong Trust Services Provider, leveraging Hong Kong’s status as
the leading financial center in China, & global financial center.


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