A WHOLE NEW WORLD. Digital, Block-Chain & Payment Systems

Fundamental Problems…

The financial services world is undergoing fundamental change. Due to the exploding costs of compliance are driving challenges to foundation of financial services globally.

The International Banking order has ever greater challenges. To survive in this new environment, global banks have de-leveraged and sold off substantial parts of their business. Given the extreme cost of compliance, an ever-greater percentage of the general public will face inaccessibility of critical financial and banking services, as banks and other service providers are forced to withdraw from unprofitable services and retreat from bricks and mortar establishments.

Lead to Systemic Change

Regulatory overhead has eroded efficiency and profitability. Even global mega banks with their massive economies of scale are finding the compliance costs challenging their business model. Compliance costs are making cornerstone services like savings and chequing accounts unsupportable. Individuals and new businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to open basic banking facilities. It is estimated that there are a third of a billion people in Southeast Asia who have little access to banking services or are un-bankable in the new environment.

And Require…

Ground Breaking Solutions

Marathon is developing products and services to bring the accessibility to our clients. We are developing Financial Technology or Fintech Applications (Apps) which reside on mobile phones and extend our “branch network” to wherever you may be.

Grounded in ancient trust law, time tested and durable, delivered through Mobile platforms and Fintech, our clients will enjoy access to a range of retail and exclusive high end services provided on a global basis, seamlessly merging the financial universe in their daily lives.

Enter Block-Chain

The term” Block-Chain” has been popping up a lot in mainstream media recently, usually when discussing Crypto-Currencies. While this innovative technology was created as the underlying infrastructure digital currency, it has numerous other applications. Block-Chain technologies will reshape the world as we know it, perhaps in ways that may have greater impact than the internet has over time.

Crypto-Currencies have been developing for about twenty years old and are coming of age entering the mainstream because of increased efficiency and lower transaction costs. National governments worldwide are beginning to embrace Crypto-Currencies and develop policies and regulation to provide security and stability to these systems.

The Wild Wild West
Block-Chain Technologies have been a major challenge to National Governments because the do not conform to the requirements of the historical financial systems. As they carry the required token information and history in the chain, they do not require trust or even “Identification” between a buyer and seller”. This accelerates and simplifies transactions while driving regulators crazy.

If you don’t need a ledger to record transactions, and If you don’t need the ID of Buyers and Sellers, then how do you prevent transactions of the proceeds of crime. And the most critical to Governments,

If it’s not recorded… How do you tax it.
Due to the inefficiencies brought on by over-regulation, the financial world is moving toward Block-Chain services. Governments cannot stop it. Rest assured (or not) they will find a way to regulate it.
Because, its the only way they can tax it.


We live in a time of extraordinary challenge. A time when the people currently living on the world, may well be as many as all of those that lived before.

It is a time when the few and the willing, can achieve beyond any imagining, towards an even better future than any past, yet seen.

The forces of chaos seem louder now than at any time since the last world war. The costs of maintaining systems, often seems to outweigh what they produce.

It is also time of unparalleled opportunity. Globally, the depletion of resources forces us to consider how to use what is at hand. Only through innovation can we achieve more, from the same, or less, materials.

Rapid change itself, seems the only constant.

Yet the time honoured values of Trust, Hard Work and Discipline, lift us out of the chaos. They remind us that all which proceeded us, is the foundation we build on.

At Marathon, we believe that building relationships, relying on each other, on our skills and strength, we can provide value in challenging times. Thus, we help our clients build and maintain their future.

We believe that with innovation we can build a better, more inclusive world.