MT Standard Trust Services

Our MT STANDARD TRUST SERVICES, provides clients with a Trust which can include a variety of accounts and services including,

  • Multi-Currency Trust Account
  • Crypto-currency, Custody Buy Sell and Exchange Services
  • Investment Accounts for Trust products
    • Trust Deposit Certificates
    • Subscription of Investments, held in Trust
  • Endowments and Scholarships
  • Estate Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Private and Public Company Shares

In addition, pending on-going development work, the MT STANDARD Trust Service will include access to a VIRTUAL BRANCH (VBRANCH), A Smartphone based app which will support app based access to the Clients Trust accounts in addition to payment systems, International payments and receipts of funds, and Crypto-currencies which may be bought, sold or exchanged through the app.

VBRANCH is being developed to feature state of the art, multi factor (device based) identification systems which include,

  • Facial / Iris Recognition
  • Fingerprints

As well as Client Pin Numbers,Passwords and multi-factor ID via the App.

In opening a Standard Trust, a client becomes the Settlor of their own Trust and name the settlor as the Beneficiary by default, or they may designate any family member, company or legal person the Settlor controls. The MT STANDARD Trust Service is governed under the Deed of Trust that is adopted by executing the application for the Trust in reliance on Hong Kong Laws generally and under CAP. 29 “Trustee Ordinance” and CAP. 615 “Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing Ordinance” in particular.

Marathon Corporate Services Limited (the “Company”) is a licensed Trust and Company Services
Provider (“TCSP”) registered in Hong Kong (License Number: TC006228) since February 2019.