The aim of this Fund is to: (1) Achieve benchmark independent return with a systematic approach
utilizing direct involvement to generate good and sustainable alpha; (2) Provide consistent and
attractive risk adjusted absolute returns; (3) Provide an alternative to traditional long
biased investment product in the market


TOMI is an actively managed equity portfolio with a flexible approach to asset allocation that seek out investment opportunities in public equity, stock index, private placement & syndicated equity deals within Malaysia, USA & Hongkong public markets. The Fund is Projecting an expected total return of 8% to 12% per annum, in the form of capital gain and dividend, with minimum duration of two (2) years, with an option of extension of up to one (1) year upon discretion of the fund Managers.


Overview of Terms & Conditions

Fund Name Tomi Global Investments Limited
Fund Structure Private Mutual Fund
Fund Domicile Federal Territory of Labuan
Fund Regulator Labuan Financial Services Authority
Unit Class Category A
Unit Class Currency USD
Lock-Up Period 2 year(s)
Performance fee Twenty Percent(20%)
Hurdle Rate Four percent (4%)
Dividend Pay-Out Upon Discretion of Fund Manager
Minimum Initial Investment USD equivalent of MYT 250,000 (exclusive of sales charge)
Minimum Subsequent Investment USD equivalent of MYT 50,000 (exclusive of sales charge )
Launch price USD 1.00
Initial Sales Fee Up to six percent (6.0%)
Annual Management Fee Two percent (2.0%)
Cooling-Off Right Five (5) Business Days upon receipt of subscription application
Launch Date 6 September 2019