Trust: Qive, MT Standard or other Mcoserv Trust
Instrument: Trust Deposit Certificate
Rate of Return 15% Per Annum
Distributions: Semi-Annual
Tenor: Two Year Lock in

Asset Manager: WOTA Group
Custodian: WOTA Group
Trustee: Marathon Corporate Services Limited

Currencies: Deposits may be purchased either in USDT or in USD.
Redemptions: Redemptions will be permitted only in the
event of force majeure only, at the Trustees discretion.
Penalties as follows:

  • Initial Six months surrender fee of 25%
  • After six months, income sacrifice Return of Capital only)

The Trust deposit certificate is backed by the corporate commitment of WOTA Group for the return of capital, Capital is guaranteed in the form of coins or Fiat Currency depending on the form of deposit.

The Trust Deposit Certificates are an income based investment available only to members of Trusts administered by Marathon Corporate Services in the capacity of Trustee. Application for WOTA Trust Deposit Certificates by a prospective member signifies the prospective members agreement to the terms and conditions as contained therein.