About Us

The Company

Marathon Corporate Services Limited (the “Company”) is a Trust and Company Services Provider (“TCSP”) in Hong Kong. We are licensed to provide trust (fiduciary) Services and company secretarial services such as company formation, registration and ongoing filings under the Companies Ordinance on behalf of client companies.

Incorporated during Fall of 2018 the Company was registered as a TCSP provider in February 2019. The initial setup, including the establishment of bank accounts and initial trading accounts for payment systems and Block-Chain trading and commencement of operations were completed by the end of March 2019.

Ongoing Development

Recognizing that the future of financial services lies in Fintech evolution and developments based on bridging the Block-Chain and Fiat universes, the Company is currently developing the Qive Trust and app.

Our Qive App is currently undergoing its beta test phase. We anticipate the App being ready for release early in the first quarter of 2020. The combines Qive Trust and App platform facilitates Bock Chain exchange and trading, integrated with international trading systems, assisting in delivering a coin-based payment and trading system hard-linked to worldwide fiat currencies.
In addition, the Company is currently preparing to register as a trust company under the Hong Kong Trustees Ordinance (Cap. 29).

Registration as a trust company will provide beneficial regulatory status and positions to the Company to enjoy important exemptions under the financial services’ regulatory framework in Hong Kong.
As the Company develops, we will leverage new technologies including Crypto-Currencies and other assets through Block-Chain, mobile payment systems and other Fintech innovations. This will allow the Company to minimise the bricks and mortar infrastructure, allowing us to leverage a smaller, highly educated staff maintaining a tight, lean operation.