Trust & App

It’s a Trust its a payment App

Qive Trust fits Block-Chain and Crypto-Currencies into your Daily Life

Are you looking for a secure easy convenient way to deal with Crypto Currency and cashless payments?

Qive is designed to merge the functions of Block-Chained wallet, Coin Vault, Crypto Trading together with online wallet international transfers and local payments All in one Convenient Easy to use App.

Are you working in the Block-Chain Economy?

Do you get paid in Crypto and need to Trade the Tokens, bank the cash… 
 and only then pay your own bills?

More and more companies and even individuals are being paid in Crypo-currencies

Companies most often have established Exchange accounts, Wallets or even vaults before they start accepting Digital Currency Payments

Individuals often don’t have the same tools available to them. This may to higher trading costs disadvantaged trades and time delays.

With Qive you will have the advantage of being able time your activities to suit your needs.

Where possible make trades in Coin.

Choose to trade making volatility work for you instead of against you.
Trade only what you need to encash external payments and hold the difference.

Are you holding Block Chain to Speculate

Are you one of thousands, Holding tokens for speculative gains… Earning nothing… While you wait for the right time to sell.

Look into Trust Deposit Certificates.
These are fixed income trust instruments paying high rates of yield in your trust.

A current Instrument, Managed by WOTA has guaranteed yield of 15% with your Tokens guaranteed.

* Remember, interest, capital gains, and dividends are tax free in Hong Kong.
Depending on your tax residency this could be a huge savings.

Benefits of a Hong Kong Trust

We are a Hong Kong Trust. This means all activities are governed under Hong Kong Law

All matters that relate to:

  • Regulations and Rules
  • Ownership
  • Taxation

Did you know that Interest, Capital Gains, and Dividends are TAX FREE in Hong Kong. In some place you may not be allowed to hold or trade in Crypto-Currencies, your Trustee is in Hong Kong, and As such we may do anything on your behalf, that you could do if you were in Hong Kong…

Introducing the Qive App

Our phone based App based on the Qive Trust.

The Qive Trust, a coin, wallet and exchange service that, in concert with the QIVE Phone app, merges Block-Chain Exchanges services with global fiat currency payments services on your smart phone worldwide.

Using QIVE, you will be able to combine the ease and universality of phone and interest based payment systems. The QIVE App is designed to give you on the spot access to your digital wallet anywhere, anytime. Using QIVE, you will be able send fiat currency to bank accounts and other payment platforms or, access these systems to support your coin purchases or trading.

QIVE wallet will allow you to accept payments in a broad array of coins and tokens, trade and exchange them and monetize them when necessary to reach out into the fiat currency world.

Using the App wherever you happen to be physically present, you will be able to execute trades, exchanges and payments in Hong Kong. As all transactions are executed in Hong Kong, transactions are executed based on Hong Kong Banking Security and Tax law.

When combined with a discretionary trust, QIVE and our App provide a powerful suite of business tools while ensuring discretion to secure your privacy.

Once you are a member of the QIVE… You will sign in to an attractive dashboard that summarizes key history and information about your token and coin activities.

You will be able to trade coins on up to five different Exchanges

QIVE, The App that accesses the Trust… From anywhere On the Qive App, simply download and you can sign up for the trust on-line at your convenience.

Using QIVE, you can receive and trade, exchange or sell…

And of course, send or receive funds through your fiat or cash wallet and payment applications.Our innovative App takes you through the online sign-up with clear intuitive steps…

With Pop-ups and Drop-down Menus to ensure your information is in the right format

The App will gather and check the Your Personal ID for Anti-Money Laundering (Know Your Client) purposes relying on your credit card provider for AML verification and using Two-Factor ID.

For clients whose transactions remain below AML thresholds, the initial AML review will be sufficient. When a client initiates larger transactions the Qive App will walk the client through scanning and submitting further required documentation again securing these documents are authentic through Two-Factor ID.