MT Select Trust

Our Select Trust offers the advantages and protection that Trusts provide, in situations where the situation requires a more tailored approach while keeping cost reasonable.

Expatriate clients may structure their affairs to isolate family assets from their personal estates and shelter trust assets under HK Tax and HK Trust and legal protections.

A tailored solution for the right fit.

  • Multi-Currency cash accounts

    • Choose how beneficiaries are selected and by whom.
    • Divide what investments your trust may hold and under what conditions
    • Exercise the full control of investment allowed under HK law without compromising trust protection.
  • Protect family assets

    • Isolate family assets from your personal estate. Ring fence business, credit, and litigation risks.
    • Ensure secure timely succession, Avoid Probate Paralysis, enjoy lifetime tenancies.
    • Keep endowments secure. Ensure that the assets will be managed while allowing beneficiary participation in family owned businesses
  • Real property holdings

    • Local and offshore properties. Maintain family estates and heirlooms in perpetuity.
  • Crypto Currencies

    • Multi Token / Multi currency.
    • Crypto staking and margin accounts